Board of Lights & Water


  • Noon
  • Monday before the 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • 675 North Marietta Parkway
    2nd floor conference room
    Marietta, GA 30060

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Term Information
Member Contact Information
Term expires May 13, 2019
Bruce E Coyle Phone: 770-222-6850
Email Bruce Coyle
Mayor / Chair of Board
Term in Office
Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin Phone: 770-794-5502
Email Steve Tumlin

P.O. Box 609
Marietta, GA 30061
Term expires October 12, 2020
Michael G. Wilson Phone: 770-422-8721
Email Michael Wilson
Council Representative
Term expires January 1, 2018
 Stuart Fleming
Phone: 770-794-5526
Email Stuart Fleming
Term expires July 14, 2019
Alice R. Summerour Email Alice Summerour
Term expires March 10, 2018
Terry G. Lee
Phone: 678-560-2424
Phone: 770-427-9197
Email Terry Lee
Term expires August 14, 2017
J. Brian Torras
Phone: 770-427-3704
Email Brian Torras


Four years for citizen and nonresident members, all appointed by Council; Council member to be appointed by Mayor and approved by majority of Council for 1-year term (appointed in January of each year). Vacancies for unexpired terms for citizen and nonresident members for 4 years beginning at date of appointment. Two nonresident members: 1 nonresident of the city of Marietta who lives in Cobb County within the service district outside the city of Marietta and who has received service (electric, power, water, sewer and/or telecommunications) from the board for at least 1.5 years. One person who lives within Cobb County that meets the qualifications set forth in the above or that is a business owner or employee of a business that has been the recipient of service (electric, power, water, sewer and/or telecommunications) within the service district outside the city of Marietta and from the board for at least 1.5 years. If a business owner or employee, the business that the person owns or is employed by must continue to receive services from the board within the service district outside the city of Marietta during their term or they become ineligible automatically and the seat is vacated, by operation of law.


  • $300 per month. (See Ordinance Number 6215)


  • Not required.


Please print and complete the application (PDF) and fax it to 770-794-5523 or mail to
675 North Marietta Parkway
2nd Floor Conference Room
Marietta, GA 30060


The board has the power to create, build, operate and supply water systems, electrical systems, cable television systems, sewer systems, telecommunications systems and all other utilities. It shall make all contracts for the city, shall have power to regulate the rates in the city, and shall supply the people of the city with such services at a fair and equitable rate. It shall have power to make any contracts with any other company supplying such services to the city, and to do any and all things necessary to the carrying out of the objects of this article. The board shall take the proceeds of any bonds sold for the purpose of erecting systems and build and erect such systems to the best advantage of the city, and if it thinks best and proper, can purchase and acquire any property now owned and operated by any other company.